Shop app sets Chai tills ringing

By Sandy Rashty, September 20, 2012
Lisa Steele

Lisa Steele

Chai Cancer Care has come up with “a way to give without giving”.
Supporters using the Chai Give4Sure app will trigger donations from the 1,400 retailers signed up to the scheme.
A project spokesman explained that “if a retailer is affiliated with the app, their name will appear in orange on the Google search engine. If the shopper then buys an item, most retailers will donate up to five per cent of the retail price to the charity.” However, in some instances, the percentage donation wil be higher.

New Chai chief executive Lisa Steele says the app is something of a coup as “the web designers have been approached by many charities and they have chosen Chai.

“In a tough economic climate, we are hopeful that this will reach a wider audience who may not be able to donate, but will have the satisfaction of knowing that their shopping online will have a direct benefit.”

The app is available for download on computers and laptops and is expected to be available on smartphones in December.

Ms Steele also hopes to increase the charity’s northern presence and to work with the strictly Orthodox community.

She joined Chai as a specialist counsellor 11 years ago and has been an integral part of its growth.
North and south Manchester and Glasgow are among the seven satellite services of the Hendon-headquartered organisation. Ms Steele will be visiting Leeds “to speak to members of the community about opening a branch there”.

She was looking to expand the Hackney branch, explaining: “Working with the Chasidic community and making provision for them is important. Cancer doesn’t care who it affects.”

Last updated: 11:27am, September 20 2012