800 at club reunion

By John Fisher, February 19, 2009

Sunday’s 80th anniversary celebrations of the Judean Club in Leeds attracted international interest with the 800 turnout including former members now living in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and Israel.

The club was the dream of young Zionists who organised local lectures and social events in the 1920s. Launched by the late Louis Wigoder, it met in disused army barracks.

Mr Wigoder’s dedication was recalled by his daughter, the actress Thelma Ruby. “Wherever my father is now, I feel sure he will be proud to know that we are celebrating his baby’s 80th birthday in such splendid style.”

In 1956, the Judean moved to premises in Street Lane and has latterly become The Zone in Moortown.

Bouquets were presented to Betty and David Marlowe and May and Bernard Burnett, who met at the club and have been married for nearly 70 years.

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