'Low' GCSE marks are appealed

By Sandy Rashty, August 30, 2012

King Solomon High School in Redbridge is contemplating appeals over a number of GCSE grades received by its students.

KS head Spencer Lewis said: “It is certainly the case that this year’s results have been affected by the changes in grade boundaries reported nationally, particularly in English.

“We are considering our options for appeal as in many cases the grades awarded are far lower than we expected.”
Elsewhere, Immanuel College student Daniel Moses has requested a re-mark of his English literature GCSE, having been “surprised” to receive a B.

“I did feel like I was going to get an A*,” Daniel said. “Nearly everyone I know received their worst mark in English — even if it is their strongest subject.”

The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation, Ofqual, confirmed that “concerns have been raised over the awarding of GCSE English qualifications this year.

“There are clearly concerns about the grade boundaries within units of the English GCSEs. We will look thoroughly and quickly into these issues.”

Last updated: 3:33pm, August 30 2012