Lobby to save Manchester BBC radio show

Rep Council tries to stop BBC Manchester axing Jewish Citizen Manchester

By Jonathan Kalmus, May 24, 2012

Manchester’s Jewish Representative Council president has requested a meeting with the BBC’s north-west head as part of a campaign to save the Jewish Citizen Manchester show.

Frank Baigel wants to discuss the axing, on cost-cutting grounds, of the BBC Radio Manchester programme. One campaigner said the corporation had received a “deluge of complaints” over the cancellation.

Mr Baigel said the community was “not consulted at any stage about the BBC’s proposals. There is a possibility that some thoughtful rescheduling could solve the problem.”

A BBC spokesperson pointed out that issues affecting communities whose shows were cancelled would be featured in mainstream local radio output, “including our news and breakfast shows, which have the biggest audiences.
“The Jewish faith will also be represented in our Sunday faith programme.”

Last updated: 2:03pm, May 24 2012