Veteran fundraiser enjoys desert trek for JNF

By Jennifer Lipman, May 11, 2012

Most 75-year-olds would be happy to put their feet up.

But Kenton grandfather Peter Barnett wanted to put his "on the ground and stand in solidarity with Israel".

Mr Barnett took part in JNF's Walk for Water mission for the 18th time, adding to the tens of thousands he has raised for the charity. He has missed just one trek since signing up for the first time after reading about the misssion in the JC.

This year's 15 participants spent five days traversing the rough and dusty southern Negev desert outside Eilat, raising £32,000 for JNF projects.

The fundraisers had to use ladders and wires to progress along cliffs. "I'm terrified of heights but it's a case of 'what can you do'," Mr Barnett said.

He added that he had made some "lungbusting climbs" down the years. "I get to see an Israel that people don't see and also the unbelievable work the JNF do."

Mr Barnett is already planning for the 2013 challenge. "People should get off their tuchus and show their solidarity with Israel. I can't encourage people to do it enough."

Last updated: 3:51pm, May 11 2012