Conti enjoys brush with Chai

March 1, 2012

Actor Tom Conti had a starring role in the unveiling of a group painting from the art workshop at Chai Cancer Care's Hendon headquarters.

Under the supervision of Linda Sharpe, the workshop has involved cancer patients and relatives ranging in age from six to 87.

It is an environment where clients can share their feelings.

The theme of the work is an enchanted garden and group members painted individual sections. It took a year to complete.

Complimenting the artists and the charity, Tom Conti observed: "There's a tremendous sort of adhesion to all your lives and that is this extraordinary thing of being Jewish. I can't think of anywhere that has an organisation like this."

Workshop member Ilan Ronel recalled: "My daughter once said to me there are not many benefits of being a cancer patient, so whenever you come across one, you have to take it. It is one of the good things we can enjoy."

    Last updated: 5:37pm, March 1 2012