Organic chickens to go on sale in March

By Jonathan Kalmus, February 24, 2012

Kosher organic chickens will go on sale in Britain next month.

Barnet-based Biblical Foods has been campaigning to get organic certifiers to recognise shechitah as a humane method of slaughter.

The company says an internationally-recognised organic licensing body has agreed to certify the poultry. But the certifier's identity will not be released until the birds go on sale. Production is under Manchester Beth Din supervision.

Biblical Foods' Leon Pein said the organic birds would be priced around £8.50 a kilo, about £1 more than in the non-kosher market.

The first batch of 1,000 birds are on "a kosher for passover diet", being corn-fed on an organic farm in south-west England.

Mr Pein added that the company planned to introduce kosher organic lamb and beef later this year.

Manchester Beth Din's Yehuda Brodie said it was "satisfying that organic certification authorities can recognise that shechitah doesn't go against the higher ideals and standards which they promote. The Beth Din is not putting any additional levy on organic products."

Last updated: 10:41am, February 24 2012