Orthodox sales pitch entices homebuyers

By Jonathan Kalmus, February 10, 2012

Succah roofs, kosher kitchens and Israeli-style handwashing basins are features of an 80-unit housing development, for which a planning application is under consideration by Salford City Council.

The application by Countryside Properties has found favour with Salford's strictly Orthodox population.

Suggestions by community members for dining and living spaces suitable for large family gatherings have also been incorporated into the design after Countryside's consultations with local residents.

The three, four and six bedroom properties would replace dilapidated terraced housing and help to relieve a housing crisis among the area's large Jewish community.

There were fears over the lack of housing for low income families after affordable units were omitted from Countryside's application. In a memorandum, the council rejected the developer's argument that affordable housing policy did not apply to the development, but recognised that "opportunities for affordable housing provision through planning gain may be limited".

Kosher kitchens are among the planned features

However, Countryside maintains that it has been working towards making 28 of the properties affordable units and discussions are said to be under way with a Jewish housing association.

Countryside's Ian Simpson said the developer was pleased "with the broadly positive response from the community and the levels of interest to purchase.

"We are currently in discussions with Salford City Council with regards to the provision of affordable housing."

Last updated: 12:55pm, February 10 2012