Schooling them well in Kingston

By Jay Grenby, January 27, 2012

A Holocaust Memorial Day initiative launched five years ago by Kingston's United and Liberal congregations for local schools has been so successful that it has expanded to a five-day event.

The format sees five locally based survivors tell their stories to pupils, who then divide into study groups to discuss both what they have heard and what they can do to work against intolerance.

In preparation for the future, the survivors' accounts have been preserved on a DVD, which will also be used by mature students at Roehampton University.

Over 800 pupils will take part in this year's programme

The survivors are Gerald Cohen, Martin Bennett, Marcel Ladenheim, Bronia Snow and Annemarie Seelig, who are members of either the Orthodox or Liberal congregation.

More than 800 students are expected to participate in this year's programme.

Last updated: 10:57am, January 27 2012