York marks HMD with cash back

By Jennifer Lipman, January 26, 2012

York's Labour leader has highlighted the broad programme of events organised to mark HMD locally after his party overturned plans for a massive cut in funding.

Last February, York's then Liberal Democrat leadership voted to slash the amount allocated to the HMD programme by 80 per cent, leaving just £1,000. Conservative councillors supported the austerity drive.

However, Labour wrested control of the council in May, paving the way for the budget to be restored. This year's programme ranges from talks by human rights experts to screenings of The Pianist, the film set in the Warsaw ghetto.

The annual candlelit vigil at Clifford's Tower, where 150 Jews were massacred in 1190, took place yesterday. There is also Portraits for Posterity, a collection of photos of survivors.

Council leader James Alexander pledged: "As long as there is a Labour administration in York, we will pay appropriate respect to Holocaust Memorial Day."

Last updated: 1:38pm, January 26 2012