Moving times for the Bevis Marks diners

By Simon Rocker, January 5, 2012

The restaurant at Bevis Marks is moving from the historic East End of London synagogue and reopening on Monday in new premises a few minutes away.

"It is going to be the most glamorous kosher restaurant in London," claimed Kenny Arfin, owner of Bevis Marks the Restaurant, as it will continue to be known.

"The reason we are going is that we wanted larger premises. The new restaurant can seat up to 90 people, compared to 60 before. We will also have private dining for up to 30."

The restaurant opened at Bevis Marks in 2003, the first kosher establishment in the East End after the closure of Bloom's Whitechapel some years before. It is noted for its sophisticated twists on classic Jewish dishes such as Oriental-style shredded salt beef.

Mr Arfin also hoped the new premises in Middlesex Street would meet growing demand for simchahs. "The way the economic situation is, people can't afford hotels for weddings and barmitzvahs and are looking for smaller but attractive venues." Synagogue general manager Maurice Bitton said: "There will be another restaurant coming here shortly. Negotiations are in hand for a new operator to take on the site."

Last updated: 1:21pm, January 5 2012