Planning hitch will not stop Manchester eruv

By Jonathan Kalmus, December 23, 2011

North Manchester's eruv committee members have said extra planning conditions placed upon them by Salford Council last week will not drastically affect their plans.

Final-stage planning permission was given for the 13-mile eruv last Thursday, after earlier approval from Bury and Manchester authorities. But Salford councillors have requested a long line of metal fencing be replaced with other materials. They also requested that some eruv poles be treated with anti-climb paint after residents raised security concerns, and that a tree expert be consulted to reduce the affect of the eruv on the city's greenery. The changes have been imposed after 21 residents objected to the plans.

But eruv committee chair Shimmy Lopian said the changes will not make "any real financial impact" on the eruv's projected £300,000 cost.

"The next move is fundraising. We need funds for the capital cost of the project and maintenance, which must be raised by the community. It's more than a pipe dream now. We are the last major city with a significant Jewish population not to have an eruv. Many rabbis are for it, some have reservations and others are waiting to see."

One major issue is raising £80,000 for one mile of fencing needed along part of Crumpsall's Metrolink railway line, which eruv organisers have said will benefit the wider community by making the railway safer. A project manager is also being appointed to manage construction work expected to begin in the new year and last around 18 months.

    Last updated: 1:36pm, December 23 2011