The Fed returns to its previous name

By Jonathan Kalmus, December 9, 2011

Manchester's largest Jewish welfare organisation has said confusion over its brand has not affected fundraising after £20,000 was raised during a telethon on Sunday.

The Federation of Jewish Services, now rebranded The Fed, launched a major re-marketing campaign last week after admitting its longer name had "simply not caught on" and left donors and service users confused.

The organisation was reformulated as the Federation of Jewish Services in 2009 following the merger between Manchester Jewish Federation welfare charity and Heathlands Village care home.

Fed marketing manager Joyce Khan said that research conducted by PR agency Hype "revealed a lot of confusion about our activities. People still referred to us as The Fed and Heathlands Village. We have £9 million to raise over the next four years to keep our services going and cover our current capital expenditure. You can't expect to do that with a brand that confuses.

"The rebrand was initiated by a request from one of our top donors, who has underwritten a huge part of our ongoing capital works at Heathlands. He wanted us to investigate our fundraising and marketing procedures and to bring in outside specialists to take an objective look at what we do and advise on how we could 'up our game'."

Mrs Khan added that Sunday's 80 volunteers who helped raise £20,000 during the Fed's Caring Sunday telethon had shown the charity's brand was working "in action".

Last updated: 10:55am, December 9 2011