Tempting shoppers' taste buds

By Jessica Elgot, November 3, 2011

Two friends from primary school who have lived on different sides of the world for the majority of their lives are back together for a kosher business venture - a takeaway creperie in Brent Cross which opened this week.

Now both 51, Melissa Levi and Michaela Machat were together at the Woolfson Hillel School until Ms Machat moved to South America with her family when she was 10.

At 21, Mrs Levi moved to Israel where she worked in food marketing and trained as a chef.

With both women back in Britain, they met up again two years ago "after our children became friends at the same primary school".

Mrs Levi described the plans for Creperie 918 - a kiosk in the South Retail Park next to TK Maxx - as "a flash of inspiration.

Creperie boss has 'always been passionate about food'

"It was my idea to make it a very modern kiosk and it was her idea to do crepes.

"I have always wanted to own a restaurant and I've always been really passionate about food."

There are sweet and savoury fillings and other pastries and coffee are also available from the Sephardi-supervised business.

Last updated: 3:07pm, November 3 2011