Tevye completes religious studies

November 4, 2011
Nick Carroll with Ruth Bell and Anne-Marie Carroll

Nick Carroll with Ruth Bell and Anne-Marie Carroll

In an effort to make their production of Fiddler on the Roof as realistic as possible, members of a Bradford theatrical group visited the Leeds Jewish Heritage Centre for Children.

The Bradford Catholic Players are staging Fiddler at the Alhambra Theatre from November 16-19 and Nick Carroll, who plays Tevye, said the cast had been researching Judaism and what life was like for East European Jews in the 19th century.

"The musical, despite its vibrancy, is a sad one. It relates how one small community was persecuted because of its religious beliefs.

"Our visit to the centre has been most instructive. We've been given a wonderful opportunity to access Jewish customs and traditions and see the authentic artefacts that would have been used during that period."

Ruth Bell, project co-ordinator of the Heritage Lottery-funded centre, said the actors wanted "to play their parts in Fiddler with accuracy and authenticity. We were able to show them how to light candles for Sabbath, for instance, and how Jewish people pray."

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