Woodside Park eruv application

By Jay Grenby, October 27, 2011

A planning application for a north London eruv has been submitted to Barnet Council by Woodside Park Synagogue trustees.

If approved, the eruv will cover four square miles, taking in Whetstone, Oakleigh Park, Totteridge and parts of Finchley. It will abut the existing north-west London eruv, as well as the eruvim planned by the Barnet and Mill Hill communities.

The intention is to allow “free transfer” between the eruvim, so residents can pass freely from one to the other.

Letters outlining the proposals have already been sent to almost 1,500 interested parties, including those living close to the planned sites for the poles marking the eruv borders.

Project leaders hope there will be little opposition to the plans, particularly as the council is already familiar with the eruv concept, having approved other applications.

The synagogue has held a public meeting for the local community and much of the preparatory work has been undertaken in consultation with the council planners.

Last updated: 9:46am, October 27 2011