Tory treasurer pays compliment to Fed

By Jonathan Kalmus, October 10, 2011
Lord Fink addressing the FJS meeting

Lord Fink addressing the FJS meeting

Conservative treasurer Lord Fink made a detour from the party conference in Manchester to support the city's major welfare charity.

Addressing a Federation of Jewish Services' breakfast at the BDO offices on Tuesday, the hedge fund specialist and philanthropist said it was "morally unfair" for Jews who have moved away from Manchester to expect their "old parents in the north to be looked after by the Jews that stay".

He told a select group of businessmen and FJS supporters that he felt "beholden" to support the charity. This was particularly so since the Fed's merger with Heathlands Village, "which is probably one of the best old people's facilities in the country in terms of the range of services and the quality of services it provides".

The former Manchester Grammar pupil also promised to host an FJS fundraiser in London with the aim of eliciting support from ex-Mancunians.

After the breakfast, the Fed's Joyce Khan said: "We are pleased that a man who thinks globally with regard to his philanthropy has deemed our work worthy.

‘Heathlands is one of the best old people’s facilities’

"It's so important to us that a prominent and successful Mancunian is standing up and saying there is a moral duty to support his home community."

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