School's out for drive talkers

By Jonathan Kalmus, September 22, 2011

Parents seen talking on a mobile phone while driving their children into Leeds' Brodetsky Primary will be banned from its premises and reported to the police.

Tough new rules for parents are being enforced by security guards on the school's Alwoodley property. Those who transgress will have their vehicles stopped and will be permanently barred from entering the site to drop-off children.

Brodetsky has also received complaints from local residents about parents double-parking and blocking driveways and corners.

One parent has been reported to local police for repeatedly parking on zig-zag markings outside the school gates.

Head teacher Jeremy Dunford said most parents drove considerately, but parking was a problem. "Getting tough is not new but the focus does change from time to time.

"A small minority do not feel it is reasonable to walk a short distance to school and, as a result, will park on corners, safety markings and across drives rather than park safely a little further from school.

"The issue regarding mobile phones is a new one and as such has been flagged up.

"It only affects those driving on school property. We are well supported by the local police and we will refer noted offenders."

David Dresser, who has two children at Brodetsky, said parking was infuriating. "Whether the school should be encouraging people to report other parents to the police, I'm not sure.

"But having said that, people should not be on their mobile phones while driving - they are breaking the law."

Last updated: 3:17pm, September 22 2011