Blind woman ready to trek

By Jennifer Lipman, September 22, 2011
Louise White and guide dog Pippin

Louise White and guide dog Pippin

A blind Londoner who was told eight years ago that she did not have long to live is to join a Himalayan trek in aid of Help A London Child.

Diabetic since childhood, Louise White, 35, lost her sight after suffering kidney failure at the age of 27, being placed on dialysis and undergoing kidney and pancreatic transplants.

However, she has her own home in Hendon, volunteers for Jewish Blind and Disabled and goes on walks with her beloved guide dog Pippin. Although no longer diabetic, she still needs to take medication on a daily basis.

The 10-day trek she will join next month with long-time friend Jon Cohen will take her across some of the world's most difficult terrain.

"Because of what I've gone through, I don't tend to be terribly emotional," she confided. "But I imagine I will be euphoric once I reach the top."

Ms White has been building up her fitness through pilates and spinning classes. "The doctors say it's feasible - I've passed my MOT. Jon will be my eyes. He's been my friend for 10 years and if I fall he'll pick me up.

"I just want to show that it is possible," she added. "This definitely wasn't in the cards eight years ago. I was really sick and I had hospital appointments every day. I didn't have long to go - it was a waiting game.

"My life is different now. I can't see, but besides that I'm pretty well. I can't enter grand prix, or play darts or snooker, but there's always climbing the Himalayas."

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