Hatzola for Whitefield

By Jonathan Kalmus, September 16, 2011

Manchester's Whitefield community could have its own Hatzola Jewish ambulance service.

The proposal would initially see 12 Jewish emergency medical technicians working alongside NHS ambulance teams to improve response times. It would mirror existing Hatzola services in Salford, Prestwich and north London.

If the plan goes ahead, volunteers including chazan Yossi Muller, a financial director and business consultant will undergo intensive medical training.

Timmy Dempsey, who is behind the idea, said: "The NHS has its own accredited first response service to supplement its own ambulances all over the country - in villages in Wales, for example.

"Hatzola is similar to that. We will treat anyone who calls us, Jewish or non-Jewish," he explained.

Our aim is to respond within three minutes

"A number of people have articulated the service as something to have in our community.

"Five months ago, my son had to go to hospital and the ambulance took 10 minutes to get there. Our aim is to respond within three minutes, because every minute that goes past if someone collapses can reduce survival chances by 20 per cent."

Last updated: 9:38am, September 16 2011