Thanks for Manx visit

August 25, 2011

New York rabbis Mendel Yaffee and Shimon Kivman included the Isle of Man in a British outreach tour.

The 26-year-olds met more than 30 members of the 200-strong community in shops, homes and an open meeting in a hotel. The visit was part of an emissary tour to Lancashire, Wales and the Lake District, for which they took along mezuzot, religious books and kosher cakes.

"People in other places hesitated but in the Isle of Man they were excited to meet us," Rabbi Sivman said. "A cab driver invited us to his house to meet his 80-year-old mother. Someone had the first chance to put on tefillin."

Manx resident Jonathan Gollow, 51, welcomed "some input on the spiritual side of life. One of the rabbis was particularly good with his Jewish jokes."

The visit was organised by South Manchester Chabad's Rabbi Dovid Jaffe.

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