Israel trip plan for mixed faith couples

By Jessica Elgot, July 14, 2011

A trip to Israel for mixed faith couples is being organised with the aim of addressing concerns of non-Jews in the relationships about their partners' heritage and feelings for Israel.

Jeneration is planning the seven-night tour in November and one of its leaders will be Zahavit Shalev, who has run events for mixed faith couples.

"Similar trips have been run in the US and we've been in contact with a group in Atlanta who are helping us plan the programme," she said.

It was important to have an "immersive experience" and address conflicts. "They might have different ideas about Israel and Zionism. One of the most important things will be meeting other couples going through the same thing. The Jewish partners aren't necessarily involved in Israel or Judaism either. Some of them may not have been before themselves. We want to help them find a way that's right for them."

The programme will take in Tel Aviv, Jewish, Christian and Muslim sites in Jerusalem, the north of the country, wine tasting and hiking up Masada.

"It has to be a pleasant experience for couples," Ms Shalev added. "We'll be staying in nice hotels and it won't be too rigorous.

"We want the itinerary to be led in part by participants and what they feel they need to do."

Last updated: 3:56pm, July 14 2011