Struggling shul moves to church

By Jessica Elgot, July 7, 2011

Peterborough Synagogue has resumed services in a rented room in a local church after an emotional final Friday night in its premises for 57 years.

The United Synagogue is trying to sell the Cobden Avenue building for £75,000 but has yet to find a buyer.

Peterborough Mayor Paula Thacker was among the 30 people at the farewell service, where the attendance was swelled by a number of non-Jewish locals.The shul has just eight official members.

"People come and go," reported chair and lay leader Charles Salamon. "We often have Israelis who stay for a month or two and we have a fair few who don't have membership. We don't always get a minyan but mostly we do." At its peak, the shul had 100 members.

Mr Salamon said the move had been "very upsetting, it's quite a wrench. We loaded all the furniture and plaques onto two vans sent by the US.

"The US are doing the best they can to be helpful but I am angry that we have had to move out before the building has even been sold. But we have to make the best of it."

Last updated: 2:07pm, July 7 2011