Schools hit by strikes

July 1, 2011

Most Jewish schools in the north were expecting to avoid closures due to teachers' strike action on Thursday.

Manchester's 420-pupil King David Primary was the only school likely to shut.

Leeds Brodetsky and Salford's Broughton Jewish primaries expected little or no disruption, joined by Manchester's King David High. Bury and Whitefield Jewish Primary was due to cancel school for 100 pupils with teachers from four year groups joining the strike. The country's top performing Jewish primary, North Cheshire, was anticipating only three classes staying open and 180 children off school. Liverpool's King David High was due to remain open although hundreds of children were likely to leave school due to cancelled sessions. Its primary predicted 120 children without lessons after five teachers were due to join the strike.

Last updated: 9:55am, July 1 2011