Mum's death saddens community

By Jonathan Kalmus, June 3, 2011

Manchester's strictly Orthodox community has been stunned by the unexpected death of a young mother-of-two from Salford.

Chaya Keila Ehrentreu, 27, died last Thursday at North Manchester General Hospital from a suspected heart condition. Originally from Johannesburg, she was married to the son of prominent rabbi Avrohom Ehrentreu of the Sunderland Yeshivah in Gateshead. Many rabbis were among the 500 mourners at the funeral on Monday.

Eulogising his daughter, Rabbi Yosef Menachem Salzer said she had been "full of life". He described her as a missing stone in a monument that would never be forgotten.

Husband Dovid - the nephew of the former head of the London Beth Din, Dayan Chanoch Ehrentreu - said she had been so devoted to the Jewish education of their offspring that "every mitzvah our children will do in their lives will be in your merit".

Last updated: 10:56am, June 3 2011