Nightingale in the money

April 21, 2011
Sam Vickers at the finish

Sam Vickers at the finish

The contingent running for south London care home Nightingale included Sam Vickers (4:50), whose mother Marion Davids is a Nightingale resident. "The atmosphere was incredible and along with the many family and friends there, the crowds cheered me through every mile," he said. "I feel so proud of my achievement and the money I raised for Nightingale. I said I would never run it again, but who knows?"

For Dena Ryness (5:42) it was a fourth completed marathon. "Unfortunately, I hadn't fully recovered from a kickboxing injury I sustained a few weeks ago, which really slowed me down. However, I enjoyed every second of it. No other experience compares to running alongside 37,000 people on a sunny day, with the iconic sights of London as a backdrop."

Jo Grant, Jacqui Levere and Ilana Pizer Mason also ran for Nightingale, contributing to a fundraising total of £12,000-plus.

Nightingale chief executive Leon Smith said: "We make sure that no-body is ever turned away purely on the grounds of finance and it is fundraising activities like this that allows us to continue to do so."

Last updated: 1:45pm, April 21 2011