Liberal injection of cash for students

April 14, 2011

Money from Liberal Judaism donors will enhance resources for Jewish students.

Addressing more than 80 donors at the annual Council of Patrons' dinner at the House of Lords, Liberal Judaism chief executive Rabbi Danny Rich said that campus support had become a priority.

"You only need to read the newspapers to know what pressure our students come under, both from anti-Israel sentiment [and] even more disturbingly, from blatant antisemitism.

"As I result, I make no apology for moving patrons' resources into this area by first employing a student worker attached to the LJY-Netzer youth department and second by signing up nearly every Liberal rabbi to agree that his or her telephone number would be available on at least one major campus."

Rabbi Rich also told guests - including Lord Fink and Tory MP Brooks Newmark - that the movement was not traditionally known for aggressive fundraising, "and in any case it is not permitted here in the House of Lords.

"Nevertheless, I am going to become a little more assertive in my fundraising efforts because we have the values, the ideas, the commitment, the ongoing success. It is only a shortage of funds which threatens our achievements and deprives men, women and young people in this country of a great jewel in their lives - Liberal Judaism."

Last updated: 1:54pm, April 14 2011