School for south London?

By Simon Rocker, March 24, 2011

Promoters of a plan to set up a Jewish primary in south London have been encouraged by the initial response to a survey to gauge demand.

Kingston Liberal Synagogue's Ben Baginsky, who is co-chairman of the school group, said that most of the 100 responses received to date were positive. But a bigger sample was needed to assess the viability of the idea.

"We will work for the next six-to-12 months to determine the demand," he said. "If at that stage we feel it is a goer, then we'll push ahead strongly.

"It's a really exciting possibility for south-west London Jewry. If we can get it off the ground, it could attract people to the area." An encouraging sign is that the independent nursery at Wimbledon Reform has a waiting list.

The school group comprises representatives from Liberal, Reform and Orthodox synagogues in the area. But the ethos and the location have not been decided. "It is not affiliated to any particular stream," Mr Baginsky said.

Also under consideration is the free school option, introduced by the government to allow new state-aided schools independent of local authorities.

Last updated: 3:27pm, March 25 2011