Intermarriage issues

By Jonathan Kalmus, March 18, 2011

Orthodox Jews from Liverpool who feel alienated by their community following intermarriage attended a support seminar run by the Movement for Reform Judaism's youth wing, Jeneration.

Thirteen people from mainly Orthodox backgrounds took part in the event at Liverpool's Hope University on Sunday.

It was designed as an open forum for discussion on a topic often not broached, explained Jeneration's northern fieldworker Judy Plaut. She had been asked to run the session by members of the Liverpool community.

"People think the group would include young couples who are about to get married.

"But there were couples there who are Jewish grandparents of non-Jewish grandchildren who came to discuss that issue.

"Many feel such opportunities are not readily available within most Jewish institutions and they feel alienated."

Last updated: 10:34am, March 18 2011