Ayal has Monopoly on Purim costume

By Jessica Elgot, March 17, 2011
Ayal Doctors's T-shirt

Ayal Doctors's T-shirt

Monopoly fanatic Ayal Doctors has created a Purim costume based on his favourite game.

The 10-year-old Independent Jewish Day School pupil's Purimopoly T-shirt includes Megilla Street and Mordechai Square. "Go to Haman's gallows" is the jail penalty. The outfit is completed by a Mr Moneybags-style top hat and giant dice.

"It's my favourite game," he said. "I started playing about a year ago with my father and grandfather and I must have played about a thousand times."

The outfit took Ayal about a week to make but he said he had been planning it "for a very long time. Once Purim's over I'm going to treasure it forever. I would like to show it to my children when I'm older."

His mother Rebecca added: "It is really incredible and well thought out.

Mordechai Square and Megilla Street are included

"He absolutely loves Monopoly. He's always asking us to play it with him.

"I think he hopes we'll have to play it even more now."

Last updated: 12:41pm, March 17 2011