Politicians hold shul surgery

By Stephanie Brickman, March 11, 2011

East Renfrewshire's Labour MP and MSP, respectively Jim Murphy and Ken Macintosh, held a constituency surgery for Jewish residents at Newton Mearns Synagogue.

Some constituents raised specific issues during the 90-minute surgery. Others attended solely to meet their Parliamentary representatives.

Mr Macintosh felt that holding the a surgery in synagogue encouraged more Jews to come forward.

"The two people who raised questions would not have come to see me if I hadn't held the surgery there. Surgeries like these are a way to make yourself available to constituents who need you in an environment where they feel comfortable. It keeps you in touch with what's important to your constituents," he explained.

"At this meeting it was clear that the upsurge in anti-Israel sentiment had raised a little concern and has an impact."

Anti-Israel sentiment has raised a little concern

The MP and MSP will hold a further surgery today at Giffnock Synagogue.

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