Fighting Israel's corner

By Jay Grenby, February 24, 2011

Kingston United and Liberal communities have joined forces to produce a response to the controversial Methodist Church report, Justice for Palestine and Israel.

A working party under the leadership of Peter Brady and Jack Green has issued a 60-page document, dealing "with various inaccuracies and bias contained in the report".

It covers topics such as Israel's history and geography, the peace process, defamation and delegitimisation, maritime law, blockades and boycotts. Also addressed is the Methodists' call for a boycott of goods from "illegal" Israeli West Bank settlements.

A number of "constructive" meetings with local Methodists have taken place, among them a forum at New Malden Methodist Church attended by three dozen members of the local Methodist and Jewish communities. Rev Bonni-Belle Pickard and Ronald Ison welcomed participants and following group discussions, a question-and-answer session was moderated by Rev Stan Brown and Colin Green.

Last updated: 3:07pm, February 24 2011