JNF legacy makes good sports of Yavneh pupils

February 17, 2011

Yavneh College's new sports centre, which was built with the support of JNF UK, has been formally dedicated at a ceremony.

The facility carries a plaque to commemorate Mancunian Edgar Prosser, who died, aged 71, in 1977.

He left a trust fund in Lichtenstein for the use of three beneficiaries, including his sister, during their lives, after which the proceeds were to go to the JNF to distribute to charities "in England and Israel".

JNF UK acting chief executive David Goodman explained that its support for the sports hall resulted from "a legacy received many years ago which specified that part of the money was to be spent in England. "JNF's work today is focused in the Negev region in Israel but we were obliged to honour Mr Prosser's wish," he said.

"It was felt appropriate that a school and its pupils should benefit as this will enable Mr Prosser's name to be perpetuated even though he had no children of his own. To enhance the connection between Yavneh and Israel, we are exploring ways to forge links between the school and our projects in the Negev region."

The sports hall is one of the projects established through the legacy, which JNF declined to give the value of.

Last updated: 2:55pm, February 17 2011