Residents rubbish Bury refuse plan

By Jonathan Kalmus, February 11, 2011

Plans to reduce refuse collections in Bury have upset Orthodox community members from large families.

The proposal - being put to the vote on February 23 - would see general waste collections cut from weekly to fortnightly. For cardboard, the service would go from fortnightly to monthly. But residents would get a green bin, rather than a bag, for paper and families with six or more children would receive a second general waste bin.

Bury is the third-worst recycler among the 10 Greater Manchester authorities. The council says the move will save £1.1million in landfill costs and EU fines.

Councillor Michelle Wiseman said that "if families are struggling, we will send a council officer to appraise if another bin should be provided".

But Prestwich mother-of-seven Sonya Menashe wondered where the additional receptacles would go. "My driveway is cluttered with blue, brown and two grey bins and a green bag." Her concern was that reduced collections would mean overflowing bins - "the streets will stink."

Abbie Rudich, who has five children, fears the plan will exacerbate health issues."The block of flats next door has just put out bin bags and we have seen rats climbing all over them. The rats will be coming into our garden. What are we paying council tax for if they are not even going to collect rubbish?"

Last updated: 10:49am, February 11 2011