Brighton takes to the streets

By Yael Breuer, January 20, 2011
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In a first for Brighton, the completion of a Sefer Torah was celebrated with a street procession and a ceremony at Hove's Holland Road Synagogue.
The scroll was a gift to Brighton and Hove Lubavitch rabbi Pesach Efune from his wife Penina to mark his 50th birthday. Community members were encouraged to sponsor a letter, line, column or sedrah.

Two hundred people from across the community joined the procession, for which there was live klezmer accompaniment.

At the synagogue, London Beth Din head Dayan Chanoch Ehrentreu praised the Efunes' contribution to local Jewish life.

Rabbi Efune thanked supporters of the project. "Apart from being a gift for my birthday, the purpose of the Torah scroll is to act as a source of communal unity. It is our hope that it will act as a catalyst and inspiration to us all."

A celebratory dinner at Ralli Hall was attended by 160 people.

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