Teen on Twitter for Holocaust memorial campaign

January 13, 2011

A Hendon teenager whose grandmother survived Auschwitz is running a campaign on Twitter to educate his peers about the Holocaust.

Josh Zietcer, 14, is asking followers to complete the sentence: "It is important to remember the Holocaust becauseā€¦"

He hopes to attract several hundred responses to his "Memorial Project" by Holocaust Memorial Day on January 27.

The Haberdasher's Aske's pupil was motivated by his grandmother Marlene Altmann telling him about her time in the death camp.

"She was just a bit younger than me then. She has always wanted us to know as much as possible and keep the memory going.

"The only thing that can be done is to teach people so that it doesn't happen again."

Join Josh's campaign by following @MemorialProject

Last updated: 12:54pm, January 13 2011