Southgate head calls time

By Jay Grenby, April 11, 2008

Sharon Margolis marked her retirement as head of Southgate’s Wolfson-Hillel Primary School by burying a time capsule in the playground on Monday, watched by staff, pupils and parents.

A copy of the latest JC was among the items in the 60 x 30cm container, along with other newspapers and photos of every school class and staff member. Pupils contributed written pieces, artwork and objects reflecting life in 2008.

The plan is for the capsule to remain buried for 25 years, then opened at a school reunion. Its location will be designated by a sundial donated by Mrs Margolis, who served the school for 16 years.

Teacher Cookie Foreman came up with the idea and co-ordinated arrangements with parents Helena Sharpstone and Phillipa Hart. Spectators included Jason Marantz, who takes charge in September.

Year three pupil Brooke Farron said: “I was very excited because history was being made in the playground. I drew a picture of fashion from nowadays and it was put in the capsule.” Year five boy Tom Rose was amused at seeing his teacher in futuristic fancy dress. “I really enjoyed doing the work that went inside the capsule,” he added.

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