Stirling votes to boycott Israeli goods

December 16, 2010

Stirling Council has passed a motion to boycott Israeli goods. The motion was put forward by Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign representative Cllr Colin Finlay. The wording followed the formula used in motions to other councils on boycotting Israel.

Thirteen of the 22 member SNP minority led council voted for the motion, which was approved on Monday. Cllrs Neil Benny and Alistair Berrill opposed the motion and there were seven abstentions.

Dr Ezra Golombok of the Scottish Israel Information Office said: "It's part of a campaign by the SPSC to damage Israel's economy. But it's not much more than gesture politics. Councils can't just stop using a supplier because they don't like them, they are limited by law in what they can do. "

Last updated: 10:42am, December 17 2010