Osborne helps Norwood cash in

December 16, 2010

Chancellor George Osborne has added £26,000 to the Norwood budget - the proceeds from his appearance at a Young Norwood current affairs reception in London.

Interviewed by Times columnist Daniel Finkelstein, Mr Osborne defended the rise in tuition fees and gave his views on the coalition government, the bailout of the Irish economy and charity funding. More than 250 young people attended.

Speaking afterwards, Mr Osborne praised Norwood as "one of the best charities I've come across in Britain. I think it does an absolutely brilliant job for all sorts of people who need help."

The charity's "huge depth of experience" would be invaluable to the government in shaping social care policy.

"How you look after elderly people, how you look after children with learning disabilities, how you help families that have broken up - these are the big social problems that we're facing."

Last updated: 3:07pm, December 16 2010