Another eruv planned

By Robyn Rosen, December 2, 2010

Brondesbury Park Synagogue is planning the latest London eruv, allowing the Orthodox to carry items or push buggies and wheelchairs on Shabbat.

An eruv committee has been formed and meetings are being held to confirm the boundaries, taking in Brondesbury Park, Queens Park, Mapesbury and parts of West Hampstead.

"This really takes the Brondesbury Park community to the next level," Rabbi Baruch Levin said. "It is going to open up new boundaries in terms of the level of observance of the community and attract people to an area which ticks all the boxes Jewishly and communally.

"Having witnessed an excess of 25 children born into the community each year in the last four years, clearly the eruv is in high demand. It will enable young and older members to attend shul and give a greater flexibility to interact with Shabbat. It's a hugely exciting prospect."

Eruvim have been established in Golders Green, Edgware and Borehamwood. A committee in Stanmore has been granted planning permission for its project and plans for a St John's Wood eruv are being drawn up.

Last updated: 1:29pm, December 2 2010