A guiding light

By Jonathan Kalmus, November 11, 2010

Leeds' Etz Chaim Synagogue has developed a new downloadable guide to help non-Jews who attend services as guests to understand its rituals and customs.

The Etz Chaim Guide for Visitors, a downloadable 11-page synopsis, includes the do's and don'ts about what to wear, the best time to arrive and how to muddle your way through a siddur and chumash.

It was developed by Etz Chaim members Claire and Harry Brown before their son's barmitzvah a year ago after they heard stories of people's mobile phones ringing in shul and gifts being presented to the barmitzvah boy. The original guide was sent with a kippah to non-Jewish guests with their invitations. Now, after a year of work and free photographs provided by the Brown's barmitzvah photographer, the guide is available on the shul's new website.

Mrs Brown said the only problem to solve now is how to make a downloadable kippah.

Last updated: 9:50am, November 12 2010