JNF pulls out of Midlands as it closes another base

By Jessica Elgot, November 11, 2010

JNF is to shut its office in Birmingham, following the closure of its Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester offices in August.

The charity will now operate from its central London office and a new regional office is planned for Manchester.

Birmingham's office will close on December 1. A date has not been fixed for the opening of the new Manchester office.

Ruth Jacobs, regional co-ordinator for JNF Midlands for 20 years, said the community had donated "hundreds of thousands of pounds" to the charity over 65 years in the city.

She said: "I think it's very sad but in these bad economic times they obviously feel it's not worth it. I think it will affect donations, because there won't be such a personal touch to fundraising. That made a difference. But the Israel Information Centre will continue to run in Birmingham."

JNF's director of communications, Dan Sacker, said: "As a result of the tougher economic climate, UK charities are increasingly centralising and restructuring their operations.

"The decision was therefore taken by JNF to centralise its operations and co-ordinate the majority of its regional activity from the London head office. In addition, this work will be supplemented by a northern regional manager who is yet to be appointed.

"JNF remains committed to supporting activity in Birmingham and the other regions and is in close contact with a number of key regional activists."

    Last updated: 9:55am, November 12 2010