Talking shop excites Croydon community

By Katie Taylor, October 21, 2010

A new food shop in Croydon will give south London Jews easier access to kosher goods.

Operating from Croydon Federation Synagogue's kiddush hall from the beginning of next month, it will sell a range of kosher food and wine, as well as candles for Shabbat and yahrzeit, siddurim, tzizit and kipot.

"It has never been very easy to get hold of these kosher items in this area," said synagogue minister David Gilinksy.

"There are no other kosher shops and although kosher items can be brought from supermarkets, it can be hard for some members of the congregation to get to them when they are quite far away. People have to get on buses or ask favours from friends with cars."

The shop will initially open on one Sunday a month, manned by a rota of synagogue volunteers. The aim is to sell goods at below supermarket prices. Donated items will also be accepted and any profits will go to the shul.

Mr Gilinsky said that if the demand was demonstrated, the range of products would be expanded. And the shop would not be restricted to shul members.

"One of our aims is to create a social arena for the community. People visiting the shop can get to know each other.

"People are very excited about this new shop - it will simply make their lives a bit easier. There's also a big car park, which helps."

Last updated: 4:21pm, October 21 2010