Glasgow school's flagship IT

By Stephanie Brickman, September 17, 2010

Glasgow's Calderwood Lodge Primary has unveiled an innovative computing project geared to making it a flagship IT school in Scotland.

"There's technology that allows you to have a shared classroom experience," explained parent council chair Tony Tankel. "If there is a superb Jewish history teacher somewhere in the world, he could teach children at Calderwood. This could be done using Skype or some more advanced technology.

"Supposing a class is doing a project on Jerusalem. You could have the children taking part in the same activity as a class, for example, in Israel, or in a Jewish school in Eastern Europe."

The initial fundraising target of £25,000 has been exceeded and parent council members have spoken to companies including Oracle, IBM and Microsoft.

"It's very unusual for a primary school to do something like this so IT companies are very keen to help, whether in the form of expertise, sponsorship or funding," Mr Tankel added.

A large screen and projector have already been installed in the school hall. Other purchases are likely to include laptops and digital filming equipment.

The project will have wider benefits as pupils from other schools will have access to the facilities "when our children don't need them".

Last updated: 11:38am, September 17 2010