Maidenhead feels at home with tapestry

September 16, 2010

Maidenhead Reform Synagogue has solved a long-time problem - thanks to 13 kilometres of gold thread.

For many years, the synagogue has been unable to accommodate its 800 families for High Holy Day services in its own building.

To keep the community together, they are instead held in a local community centre. However, Rabbi Jonathan Romain acknowledges that the atmosphere has not been the same as in the synagogue proper.

To address the problem, he commissioned one of the community's artistic talents, Karen Broude, to produce a giant tapestry depicting a shofar.

She worked on it for a year and estimates that it took 500 hours to complete.

The finished article was put up for the first time on Rosh Hashanah and was unanimously well received. "The effect was stunning and it has helped create both a Jewish feel and a mood of prayer," Rabbi Romain said.

Last updated: 1:05pm, September 16 2010