US reserve Israel burial spots

By Simon Rocker, September 16, 2010

The United Synagogue has received the first reservations for its newly acquired burial plots in Israel.

US burial head Melvyn Hartog told the organisation's council on Monday that a £1,000 deposit had been made for two plots in the Eretz Hachayim cemetery near Bet Shemesh.The US has bought an initial 50 spaces in the cemetery, which is situated between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Additionally, arrangements can be made for US members to be buried in 14 other Israeli cemeteries.

The new facility will cater for those who want to be buried in Israel for religious reasons, as well as those whose children and grandchildren live in Israel.

"There are a lot of people whose kids are making aliyah," Mr Hartog explained. "It is cheaper to ship one person out [to Israel] than bring eight people over for a shivah."

    Last updated: 12:05pm, September 16 2010