Solicitor-General backs non-invasive post-mortems

September 3, 2010

Scottish Solicitor-General Frank Mulholland has assured Jewish representatives that the Crown Office is committed to encouraging non-surgical forms of post-mortem.

Following a meeting between Mr Mulholland and the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities, the Crown Office is to issue new guidance to procurators fiscal and pathologists backing the use of non-invasive methods acceptable in Jewish law, which can can also speed up the release of a body for burial.

"We are very grateful to the Solicitor-General for this further recognition of the concerns of the Jewish and other minority communities," said Scojec director Ephraim Borowski.

Mr Borowski had expressed concern at the regional variations in Scotland in the use of "view and grant" post-mortems.

In Glasgow - home to the majority of Scottish Jewry - the method was used in just one per cent of cases.

Last updated: 10:01am, September 3 2010