Jeneration mercy mission

August 19, 2010

Volunteers from Jeneration, the pluralist initiative for students and young adults, spent a fortnight in Kenya helping out at a primary school for disadvantaged children and an orphanage.

The group - from London, Essex, Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield - decorated two derelict classrooms at the school and taught a variety of subjects. At the orphange, they cooked, cleaned and taught English, science and maths.

Participant Stan Collins said: "I will never forget the headmaster of the orphanage telling us just how much a smile from a volunteer can brighten a child's day because they see that somebody cares.

"Just like the Jews, the Kenyans are a proud people. They wanted us to take away from our experience not how little but how much they have."

Group members also pledged to continue supporting Kenyan projects through fundraising.

    Last updated: 12:26pm, August 19 2010