Hindus volunteer for Mitzvah Day

July 29, 2010

Mitzvah Day has joined forces with the Hindu community to promote the UK's biggest day of volunteering.

Around 20,000 volunteers are expected to support over 250 projects across the country on Mitzvah Day and the first Sewa Day on November 21.

Lynne Featherstone, Mike Freer and Matthew Offord are among MPs who have pledged their volunteering services.

Another supporter is David Baddiel, who said: "It's fantastic to see the Jewish and Hindu communities coming together in this way. I congratulate the organisers of both Sewa and Mitzvah days for having the gumption to get up off the couch to make a real difference to ordinary people."

Laura Marks, who founded Mitzvah Day in 2005, said the involvement of the Hindu community would "double the impact of our good deeds. This is a great example of interfaith in action with two of the world's great religions working together for the good of the wider community."

Sewa Day chair Arup Ganguly looked forward to "working with our Jewish friends and neighbours with whom we share so many of our core values of respect and service".

Planned activities include collections of food and household goods for the homeless and sprucing up schools and other community buildings.

Last year, 15,000 Jews participated in Mitzvah Day activities. Among innovative projects was an operating gown-making session at North West London Jewish Day School for Indian children undergoing surgery to correct cleft palates.

Teenagers from St Albans hosted young Muslim refugees and the link has been maintained.

Last updated: 11:04am, July 29 2010