Brighton's cover story

By Cecily Woolf, July 15, 2010

Brighton and Hove Hebrew Congregation members have been given an update on building work at the congregation's historic Middle Street synagogue.

Chairman Martyn Cooperman told the shul's annual meeting that essential repairs to the roof costing £460,000 had been completed.

English Heritage gave a £319,000 grant and a further £100,000 was taken from the proceeds from the sale of the cottage at the back of the synagogue. The remainder was met from shul funds.

"We now have a building that is safe, wind and watertight and which can be used for services and other events," Mr Cooperman said.

However, money was needed to complete the restoration of the Grade ll-listed building's Moorish interior and at least £30,000 would be required to replace the shul's boiler. Funding had been generated by open days and hosted visits.

"The marketing of the building is something we have been looking at," he added.

"If this is done properly, there must be a reasonable prospect of the synagogue paying its way."

Last updated: 12:15pm, July 15 2010